Watermelon Fertility Pops

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Watermelon may just be one of nature’s greatest super foods; these watermelon fertility pops are delicious, easy to make, and may even improve your odds of getting pregnant.

Watermelon improves fertility because it can help your body produce more glutathione, which is important for egg quality. Glutathione is the body’ main antioxidant and a must-have for healthy ovaries since it can improve egg quality and protects your mitochondria. Your ovarian follicles also require a generous dose of glutathione to produce stronger embryos. Deficiency in this antioxidant is related to premature ovarian aging and higher infertility rates.

The summer super fruit may also improve male fertility since it’s rich in a nutrient called lycopene. This antioxidant can help male sperm motility issues and research shows that it can increase the sperm volume by up to 67%. It also protects sperm from oxidative damage to improve sperm morphology by 63%. Watermelon can also improve arousal and enhance sexual function in men because it’s rich in an amino acid called citrulline, which is converted into the amino acid arginine. Arginine is a well-researched nitric oxide precursor that helps to relax and dilate blood vessels to enhance blood flow to reproductive organs.

To make these watermelon fertility pops simply stick a popsicle stick into the bottom of watermelon slices and sprinkle with bee pollen and crushed salted pistachios.

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