Cycle Syncing / Women’s Hormones

Sadly, so many women have come to believe that irregular painful periods, mood swings, weight gain and breakouts are just normal parts of their cycle. At Replete, we understand that these symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that your lady hormones are out of whack. You don’t need to suffer through difficult PMS and heavy periods, these things are NOT NORMAL ladies (just because a symptom is common in our profoundly sick society does not mean that it is normal). Hormones are the body’s messengers for countless processes and affect everything from mood to weight gain to stress response. Hormones also work together as a controlled system to regulate sleep, sexual function, and fertility. When your hormones are imbalanced it can impact almost every aspect of your health and wellbeing. 

At Replete we’re dedicated to getting to the root cause of women’s hormonal imbalances in order to get your hormones in check through all stages of your life. We offer functional medicine testing to get a comprehensive look at your look at hormone levels, along with an assessment of the nutrient deficiencies that may be getting in the way of you living your most balanced life. Dr. Sarah is passionate about helping women find the cause of their hormone issues and providing customized solutions to help you heal. She’s helped thousands of women balance their hormones, improve their periods and help them reconnect with their female hormone cycles.  There’s no one-size-fits-all cure when it comes to women’s hormones – instead we believe in personalized root cause women’s medicine to help you become in sync with your hormone cycles.


  • Functional medicine blood work or bio-marker testing
  • Herbal medicine to help you balance your hormones through the different stages of your cycle
  • Vitamins, minerals, and customized nutraceutical prescriptions
  • Acupuncture to regulate menstrual cycles, or alleviate PMS or menstrual pain
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT) to regulate hormones (typically a 3 – 6 month treatment is required)
  • Functional food therapy to help you metabolize hormones effectively
  • Individualized lifestyle prescriptions to follow throughout your cycle.
  • Advanced personalized cycle syncing protocols

If you have more questions about natural hormonal support, or if you live in the GTA and would like to work with us to develop your personalized hormone balancing protocol you can book your first visit online here.